Monday, 13 April 2009

Early start on the 11th

A short session on Friday afternoon, in the rain, ended up with a blank, so I made the effort to get up early on Saturday to beat the rush and arrived at the lake before the park opened it's gates. I had a quick look around before settling on a swim where I could see a few clusters of bubbles rising from feeding fish. I put the usual pop-up on one rod and a bottom bait with PVA bag on the other and cast them out to where the bubbles where rising.

Within an hour , I had a take on the bottom bait, at first I thought it was a Tench but it raced off much quicker and was a lot heavier. The first Carp of the day at 13lb 10oz, a nice start. I couldn't help noticing that it's mouth was full of bloodworm.

A short while later the second Carp made a bolt for freedom and ended up in my landing net, again, this was on the bottom bait and was a slightly smaller Carp at 11lb.

The visible signs of Carp feeding disappeared after these two fish, I did see a fish show further around the lake and decided too make a move. I had a couple of dropped runs from the new spot and did manage to catch a Tench but there were no more Carp today.

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