Saturday, 25 April 2009

Short session, long wait!

After a quick walk around the lake, I settled on a swim where I could see several fish feeding in one corner, there were cloudy patches all over the place. I put carefully aimed casts onto a couple of these spots and began what was to become a long waiting game.

We had a heavy shower of rain during the morning which seemed to switch off the feeding spell, all the bubbling had stopped and the cloudy patches created by the feeding fish started to settle. I kept putting the baits out all morning and, at around midday, they were eventually found by a couple of hard fighting Tench.
Shortly after 1pm, I had a fidgety take on my pop-up rod, I hit it quickly thinking it might have been another Tench but felt the satisfying sensation of a rather energetic Carp moving the opposite direction. It wasn't too long before it was netted, it weighed in at 15lb 2oz.

Due to pre-arranged commitments, I packed up after this fish. However, a couple of lads on the opposite bank seemed to be doing rather well and had banked four Carp before I left, I wonder how many more they caught?

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