Monday, 6 April 2009

Ryton can be hard work!

Saturday the 4th April, a warm day again. Started on a peg I've done well on recently and cast a pop-up to the back of the tree's and my usual Ryton 3 boilie bottom bait on the other rod cast to a known feeding spot. I thought the early morning sun warming the water in this part of the lake might attract a few Carp.

Three hours later and after only a few casts, nothing was showing so I felt a move was in order. The sun was much higher now and the island looked good. The wind was coming down the lake from the west so I chose a spot where I could target the margin of the island with the wind blowing into it with one rod and the centre of the lake with the other. One cast went to the island the other to a known clear spot, this was clearly visible as a muddy patch where something was stirring up the bottom. This turned out to be Tench as I managed to bank three of them.

The other rod to the island margin went off after the second cast, I could see another muddy patch and decided to recast towards it, it had only been in the water for about twenty minutes and whilst tying some more PVA bags I got a run. When I struck I thought the Carp might have bolted straight through some sunken branches as I could feel a juddering sensation coming up the line, the Carp kited away from the island pulling the line with it clear of any more snags.

A short while later, a lovely common of 13lb 8oz lay in the net.

I continued to cast towards the island and did see one Carp leap right over my bait.
I'd been done!

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  1. You dont make it look like hard work Roger, but I do! Not caught a thing there yet, usually fishing the peninsular facing the island. I take it popular swims are along the road side?