Tuesday, 2 June 2009


What a scorcher Sunday was, I couldn't get onto the back lake till the match finished at 2.30pm, as soon as the match was over I found a suitable sheltered swim to surface fish from, I did bring my new fly rod with me but I knew the wind would play havoc with my casting and I didn't fancy getting carted off by the fly casting police so it stayed in the tube, I need to practice my casting a bit more as I always get into a tangle in any wind. The afternoon's match had been very slow and a bag of three Carp won, prospects seemed not too good but the fish were visible on top so a bit of feeding for a short spell stirred up some interest and a few fish started to suck the treats from the surface. It wasn't too long before I had my first fish on and a short while later I had a second, familiar fish, I'd caught this Common last weekend, it had a very distinctive wobble to it's spine so was easy to identify.

The afternoon heat slowed things down for a while but a few fish kept slurping in the scum layers that were collecting in the calm patch where I was fishing, I kept putting a bait into this scum line and eventually a third fish took the biscuit.
I decided to stop fishing at around 7.30 as I could feel the sun burning my shoulders and had to cover up but I did managed one more fish before I left.
A very satisfiying afternoon in the sun.

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