Wednesday, 9 May 2012

2 - 1

On Sunday morning, Cerys helped me count boilies into their liquid ready for the evening session, she really likes the brightly coloured ones but got a bit upset when I stopped her from sticking one in her mouth.

One boilie, two boilies, three boilies

The session was a short evening one so with no time to waste two rods were quickly out on known feeding spots with a chod on one and bag and bottom bait on the other the plan to just sit and wait.

Sunny for a change.
An hour in and I had a take on the bottom bait, the fish didn't seem to know what was happening just thumping around before getting it together and charging off along the tree line, I don't normally stop them and I don't know why but I turned the drag one click tighter, my mistake the fish stopped and threw the hook.

One nil to the Carp.

The second fish followed around and hour later and this time I got it right. Barry gave me sixteen on the dot for this one.

Sixteen and one all.

One all.

It was towards the end of the session that I got the next take, again on the bottom bait, as soon as I picked the rod up it was off and this time with much more speed and power, there wasn't much I could do with it. I felt a couple of bumps on the line just as a boil errupted on the surface in front of some low branches, at that point I lost touch with the Carp, I was gutted as it felt much better.

Two one to the Carp.

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