Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bivvy Boys

It was a five thirty early start on Saturday but we weren't the first at the lake. Three bivvy's were already set up on the sand bank at the back of the island with anglers fast asleep inside. We woke them up loudly and asked them to show themselves whilst reminding them that night fishing at Ryton and any other Leamington water was not allowed, a head peered over the edge of one of the sleeping bags and said they'd only been there since four and that it was technically morning. "Bull shit" I thought, as his bivvy was covered in either heavy dew or rain from much earlier so he'd been there for longer than an hour and a half. If I was there from four to do a short early morning session the last thing on my mind would be wasting time setting up a bivvy and sleeping, anyway, if they continue to night fish they will be expelled from the club so they continue at their own risk. We left them to their devises and they packed up and left just after eight. (The end of an all night session me thinks)

The session itself was pretty non eventful, we had a cold north easterly blowing across the lake but the odd glimpse of the sun was warm and nice to see. Barry had a scattering of Perch , Tench and Rudd through the morning.
Nice Rudd of around twelve ounces
I had to wait till one before connecting with what I thought was a Tench but turned out to be one of Ryton's Bream, not big at five pound fourteen ounces but you don't often see these so it was very welcome.

Rarely caught Ryton Bream
I cast this rod out to the same spot and had a Tench almost straight away, they were the only two fish of the whole session.

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