Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bit of a hit 'n' miss.

I was at the lake on Friday afternoon but I should know by now never make any plans when it comes to fishing at Ryton. Both pegs that I fancied fishing were occupied so I did the rounds to have a good look around the lake and see if I could find anything fishy to cast at and I did. It's still a little chilly to find then in the margins feeding and I was shocked when I found them as I nearly walked straight passed this particular swim without looking, after sneaking in for a closer look I could see that they weren't big fish but definitely worth a go, I was back with the gear within five minutes. A rod was put in front of an overhanging tree to the right where the fish kept drifting off too and the other on the spot where they were visibly feeding. They drifted in a couple of times but became more aware that they were being fished for on each visit, a couple of boilies were picked up but not my bait. The fish moved further away towards some snags and on closer inspection I found some more fish, a bait was cast to the front of the snag and I waited for most of the evening, hovering over the locked up rod, waiting for a take. The other rod made me jump at one point as line screamed off the baitrunner, it turned out to be a small Tench.

Saturday was an early one and again I'd made plans, why I don't know as when I arrived someone else had beaten me to the spot I'd have liked to have fished. I made my way round to the back of the island and baited a couple of spots and fished bottom baits over both, a couple of Tench rattled off with the baits but this spot seemed to be devoid of anything carpy, I found a couple of fish up in the water in the main part of the lake, they were making the most of the sun so made a move to try some zig's. Time was running out but I did manage to get another Tench before the end of the session.

Sunday evening I slipped onto the information desk after Richard had packed up, bottom baits were out and it wasn't long before I had a strange lift, drop, lift, drop on the bobbin, I thought it was the tufties that were working the area but they were well away from where I'd positioned that bait so I lifted the rod and struck. At first I thought it was a Tench but it turned out to be a rather scabby looking Bream, first time I've caught one of this spot.

A scabby old Bream at five and a half pounds
Nothing else showed all evening but this spot has been hammered every day this week with some good fish out.

On Sunday evening, an angler was warned about night fishing again as he planned to fish till ten or eleven but seeing the amount of gear he had (Stove, five litres of water, sleeping bag, etc) he looked as though he was there for the night. Details were taken from an old membership book as he didn't have the current one with him, and they were passed on to the club who would be in touch with him soon.

Night fishing is not allowed on any Leamington water.

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