Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Give 'em up!

Looks like the weather is breaking at last so roll on those warm summer evenings with a fish or two on the bank. A couple of weekends ago there was a brief spell of sunshine that saw us head off to a stretch of water for another round in our duck challenge.
It was late morning by the time we got our lines in the water and sitting in the sunshine was very pleasant, if it wasn't for the five layers of clothing it could have been mistaken for a normal spring day! It didn't last long, a large patch of black cloud moved over and it started to snow. It was during this snow shower that I saw Barry lift into a fish, "the jammy little" I thought and went over for a look, he'd had a small Bream on maggot and this seemed to be the way to go as big dead baits weren't being picked up.

First fish to Barry, a Bream.
then another Bream
and a Carp!
Several snow showers later, with a little bit of sunshine in between, I still sat there fish less willing one of the alarms to signal a take. Barry was bagging up on the opposite point with Bream, Carp and Ruffe and it looked as though those Duck's were coming home to roost at mine.
Even though those Ducks are officially mine, Barry seems reluctant to give them up? It's been nearly a week and a half since they were 'won' and they still haven't been handed over.
C'mon Barry, give 'em up!

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