Monday, 22 April 2013

The Stump!

It's peg building season again. I've been asking a few questions about the peg we've put in at the back of the island for a while and it was about time that it went in. The sand bank now has two pegs, the original peg at the bottom of the sandy slope faces the island but we've now added another peg to the right of this that faces the road bank.

Tree's cleared.
We had the platform structure, the legs and a load of other timber and tools to shift and typically the peg we were building was at the furthest point away from the pound. We were going to have to do several trips back and forth carrying arms full of wood and tools, that was until Barry found and old shopping trolley tucked away in a corner, it was put to good use shifting the gear over to the far side of the pool and was nicknamed the 'Hurdy Gurdy', she served us well.

The Hurdy Gurdy
A few tree's had to be taken out and a rather tricky tree stump had to be chopped into to make the wooden platform fit, typically the stump was at an awkward angle to get at from the bank, waders had to be put on and into the lake I went to tackle the stump head on. The water infront of this peg has a good depth and was right up to the top of my thigh waders as we sawed and hacked at the stump. I was a bit concearned that the length of the legs being hammered into the lake bed at the front of the peg were not long enough to make the peg sturdy but once the platform was fastened to the legs and the shuttering between the bank and the back legs were filled in with rubble and sand the whole structure firmed up, it ain't going anywhere!
I made one classic error after rolling down the waders to collect some more gear from the pound, I jumped back into the lake and only realised they were still rolled down when they filled up with chilly lake water. It soon warmed up.

View of the finished peg from the road bank.
It takes the weight.

The finished peg looks rather nice and gives fishing access to the fronts of the now closed pegs along the section of road bank beyond the point, it's a tricky cast to be up close in front of the tree's so clipping up is advisable.
we came up with the pegs name, 'The Stump', for obvious reasons.


  1. Nice work there Roger (and Baz!). I look forward to blanking on it at some point soon!

    Another rubbish day for me on Saturday just behind where you were doing your work. The same for my mate too - double blank between us across 4 rods in total. Conditions looked half favourable for once too.

    Things will eventually settle down I'm sure. I just wish it would happen sooner rather than later.

  2. I fished the peg on Sunday, blanked! Barry caught loads and I went home with the ducks!

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