Friday, 19 April 2013

Tench save the day.

Still no Carp showing at Ryton and boilies had been dispensed with in favour of a few grains of maize with the hope of bagging a Tench or two. Barry had handed over the ducks at the beginning of the session but only one of them was heavy enough to sit beneath my pod in the strong wind.
Barry was first to bank a small Roach and he enjoyed letting me know that he was once again ahead on the duck challenge. It wasn't long before I had a slow take which resulted in a Tench in the net, the duck turned to look at Barry!

A nice example of a Ryton Tench.
The session was a bit of a slow one and ended with Barry catching one Roach, one Perch and a very nice Rudd, I don't think I've ever seen a Rudd with fins as Red before. My tally was Two nice Tench which out stripped Barry's bag so sadly the ducks never visited their new house and had to be taken back to Barry's again.

Barry, bring them with you next time?
Since last week, the Carp have woken up and a few have seen the bottom of a landing net.
Bit short notice this one, a couple of new pegs are going to go in over the next couple of weeks at Ryton so if anyone wants to give a hand your more than welcome, bring sledge hammers and spades.

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