Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Back on!

The past few weeks has seen me back on the bank at Ryton, I haven't put the effort in for ages but the time seems right to try a small Autumn campaign and it's nice to to be back.

A reason to be on the bank.
I've winkled out at least one Carp a session, except for a couple of Sundays ago which meant I went home with the duck, I've also had a shed load of Tench and several small Bream, how a small Bream can get a donkey choker of a boilie in it's gob I don't know.
Sucker stockie
Up until this weekend all the Carp have been of the 'stockie' size, probably the recent immigrants from Kenilworth that have yet to learn the ways of the Ryton Carp. Even though they are small I know that my 'Ryton 3.4' boilie recipe is still working despite having an overhaul due to a discontinued flavour, I tried the same flavour from a different supplier and it didn't even smell the same but that's another story.
Not big but in mint condition.
The most recent incarnation of my smelly balls has seen my biggest Carp on the bank for a long time, certainly my biggest Ryton fish since last year and It was a popped up boilie made with cork dust kneaded into the dough that tricked this fish. The trap had been surrounded with a couple of dozen free offerings to entice the fish in and it worked as it was my first cast to one particular spot that saw this fish on the bank. It took an hour but a single bleep signaled the pick up, there was then a pause before the fish tore off across the pool on a one toner. It's a long time since I had a good fish from this place and I didn't want to loose it so I just took my time and let the fish do what it wanted to do whilst gaining line, it was a lovely common and Barry did a grand job of netting it for me and taking the pictures.
18lb and in good condition
Barry rolled up late for this session so todays fishing was not for the duck, should have kept my mouth shut, I still have it.

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