Monday, 23 September 2013

First Fish!

My pond has matured enough now to have it's first fish introduced. When I first built the pond Barry said I could have some fish from his as he had loads of all sorts. The date was set and we took Cerys for her first fishing trip, I fashioned an unused pole top section into a toddler sized fishing pole with a small barbless 16 hook on the end, It's barbless only on Barry's lake.

Fishing in the edge.
A nice Rudd.
Maggots were used to tempt the fish in and it wasn't long before we had a bucket full of all sorts and all sizes. A few of the fish that came out Barry had never seen before but he did say that they breed every year so there could be anything in there. Some of the buckets contents had to be returned as they were Barry's prized fish be we ended up with a lovely selection of Goldfish, brown Goldfish, a lovely Crucian (I think?) and some Rudd.
Crucian or not?
Cerys enjoyed it but I think I enjoyed fishing with my little girl more!

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