Monday, 23 September 2013

More Bubbler's

Morris's was free for today's session and Barry fancied free-lining bread in this area so we headed for this corner of the pool. I had my eye on the tree line along the no fishing bank after seeing a fish crash whilst looking around the pool earlier on, I could see a few dark shapes milling around on the top in this area and several patches of bubbling fish.

First fish to take my donkey choker hook bait was a small bream which I seem to be catching a lot of lately, must be something in the new boilie mix, how it managed to pick up the bait I don’t know but it was well hooked. I use a long hair so it was probably nosing around the bag contents and picked up the hook that way.
It was late afternoon before I caught my first Carp. I’d been watching some fish bubbling in one area and one spot seemed to be very popular, there would be a few fish in the area, then it would go quiet, then they’d be back on the spot again. During a quiet period between bubbling I introduced a well placed cork ball pop up and laid the rod on the ground ready for the take, it took ages, bubbles started to appear in the area so I got up and went to the back of the peg to stand on a large tree trunk section to get a better view of the area but when I looked all I saw was a huge swirl in the vicinity of my hook bait and heard the fizz of my clutch as the Carp tore off, I’d missed the take and ran round to the rod to catch up with the fish, it kited over to the right catching up in my second line and it was all a bit of a mess but we got it in the net.
Nice mid double.
It was another long cast over towards the back of the trees with a cork ball pop up (my buoyant balls are working well!) that saw another take from what I thought was a good Tench or a stockie as there was no run and it was a bit of a lame fight, it turned out to be another mid double common.
Another mid double.
With regards to the Duck, I don't have it.


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