Friday, 19 March 2010

First Friday

Today was my first Friday session since last autumn, I'd been watching the weather all week and last night it looked good so the decision was made to get home as quick as I could after finishing work at one, get my stuff attached to the bike and get to Ryton. I did just that and had both lines in the water by three. The weather forecast had changed from last night and rain was expected for six but it arrived not long after I'd set up which is fairly typical.

About half an hour into the session I had some very erratic dancing from the bobbin but the culprit was a Tufted Duck, luckily there weren't any people feeding the ducks at the time and it was reeled in, unhooked and checked over before it flew off, unharmed. I put a fresh hooklink and bait on and cast out to the same spot, it wasn't too long beore the alarm sounded again but this time I also had line 'fizzing' off the reel, it was a proper run. Even small Carp can give a fairly good scrap and this one did just that.

A lovely common at 9lb 2oz's.

The rain continued to get heavier so I broke the session off early, happy to have had the one fish and headed home for a hot bath.

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