Saturday, 27 March 2010

What a difference four years makes!

A short session this morning, starting early I was surprised to be the only one on the lake but on reflection it was the opening day at Jubilee which I think explains why I had the place to myself for most of the morning.

Not to bore you with details but I only had one fish out today and it was the only touch of the whole session. This Carp fought like stink and I could tell it was a little better than the others I've had so far this year by the way it refused to come to the net preferring to just plod around making very short powerful runs. Eventually the fish gave in and rolled over the cord into the waiting net and as I parted the mesh to look at my prize I thought this Mirror Carp looks familiar and a mirror at Ryton is a rare sight. I took pictures and weighed the lump before releasing and as soon as I got home, out came the photo albums and there it was, caught in 2006 and much smaller at only 7lb 12ozs, 'Morris's Mate'.

'Morris's Mate' almost four years ago.

I'm glad I've kept a photo log of all the Carp I've caught at Ryton, as well as helping me to identify individual fish it's also acting as a guide to how well the Carp are growing.

This is what 'Morris's Mate' looks like today at 17lb 14ozs.

I wonder how big Morris is?

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