Monday, 22 March 2010

Long day on Morris's

Sunday, I arrived at the lake just as the mist was lifting, I was very surprised to see so many anglers already at the lake. Daniel called out from peg one as I started to make my way round to Morris's, I gave a quick wave and carried on to my peg, it was one of the only free ones and I didn't want to loose it talking to someone. After dumping my gear I went back round for a quick chat with Daniel. A few fish had been showing in one spot so the day looked good for a run or two.

I planned to fish just pop ups today and start by casting them to the back of the tree's where I'd seen fish bubbling yesterday. According to Google Earth it's and 85 metre chuck from Morris's, which I know my old rods can do and I did get a couple of casts fairly tight to the tree's so it was just a matter of sitting back and waiting.
(Some of the casting fell short and I had to recast a few times to get onto the spots, 'it'll do' won't do for me)
With all the sunshine I was hoping to see more fish show so I could cast to them but nothing showed all day. I had a chat with another angler (not fishing) he'd seen a Carp show further round the lake so they might have followed the wind. Apart from a couple of Pike, I don't think anything was caught which is a shame as it looked good for a bite.

One thing I did notice and something Keith has written about in a blog last week, was the amount of detritus lifting off the bottom with all sun activated gas bubbles, it's a good sign that the water is warming up, I just wonder if this has an affect on where and when the fish feed?

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