Monday, 22 March 2010

Not a good day for PVA!

Friday's wet weather continued through the night and into Saturday but it was still fairly mild. I didn't get too wet setting up the brolly on the steps leading down to my chosen peg, things were a bit tight but at least I had a dry spot to shelter in to tie my PVA bags, but, no matter how hard I tried to stay dry I still managed to ruin a few feet of mesh.

During the first half of the session I did manage to bank a couple of Tench and lost another fish just before the net, I had a piece of what looked like a plastic bag caught on the hook so whatever the fish was managed must have used the bag to twist itself off the hook.
(Either that or the plastic bag stopped fighting just before I landed it!)

Mid afternoon the rain stopped, the wind died and everything fell calm, it looked perfect for a Carp and as though ordered, one popped it's head and shoulders out of the water not far from where I had a pop up positioned. I kept watch through binoculars and there were a few bubblers in that area, it was just a matter of waiting for the run.

Just after six it went but it was no Carp, just another Tench.

It's good to see the Carp starting to show.

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