Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Evil One!

I missed a great opportunity on Sunday evening. A very good Carp rolled in front of me on my arrival at the log swim and I had a Tench fairly quickly off the spot but a few Carp were now beginning to show on the far side of the lake, something was telling me that I should move on these fish. I normally cast to fish that head and shoulder out of the lake and if they are out of range of a long cast then I move to a swim where I can reach them. I'd seen Carp show regularly in front of the logs on previous sessions and it's not often I can get onto this peg to fish it, I had a hunch that a Carp might make an appearance and being as the Tench were feeding then so might the Carp, I decided to stick it out. Carp continued to roll on one spot on the far side throughout the session, I should have gone with my instinct and moved on them!

Monday had me at the lake again for another late session, there were no signs of any fish and the cold spell we were experiencing wasn't helping matters, the wind was very cold and so were the rain showers. There was a heavy shower just before six after which the wind died down to a very light breeze, a few bubbler's started to show and I felt a bite might be on the cards, I was right and in the next half an hour I had three Tench on the bank, very hectic. I was holding out for a Carp as I'd done well here earlier this weekend, but it wasn't to be. It wasn't a complete loss though, I did bank four Tench.

Something I did see that wasn't very nice was the evil streak in the resident male mute swan, rather than pick on the geese like he normally does he picked on the newest additions to the lake, the group of eight ducklings, now seven. He followed the group across the lake quickly gaining on them before trapping them against the bank on the far side then grabbing one of the fleeing youngsters and drowning it, luckily there were no members of the public around with children to witness this.

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  1. Good day today 5th May, fished 08:30-17:30 was to be a short am sess, however fish determined longer stay, nothing showed but they did bite. 17 08 common, 15 06 mirror (different fish to the one u and I had last month) + 4x5lb+ tench, from log swim. Almost a fish per hour. Sorry to follow up on ducklings but now 6, the big bad swan stuck again! catch u soon. Col