Monday, 17 May 2010


Fished a few times this weekend, started with a session on Friday afternoon/evening and blanked. I did see one Carp get caught from a corner where a few fish were visibly feeding but there was only room for the one angler on this spot.
An early start on Saturday saw me fishing the swim I couldn't get onto the previous evening and the fish were still having it, a few fish showed and all looked good for a run or two but nothing happened all morning so I put some food in with the view to return for a couple of hours in the evening, I did and blanked again.
Sunday was another afternoon/evening session and when I saw peg one free I was happy, on my way home the previous evening I had a quick look around the lake and saw four Carp feeding in front of the duck feeding area, the pot bellied fish from a few weeks ago was one of them so I was hoping that they would re-appear again that evening. I cast a couple of zigs around with the hope of a fish in the late afternoon sun before swapping over to bottom baits and placing them as tight to the wall as I'd dare cast ready for an evening run.
If I'd have won the lottery on Saturday, I don't think I'd have had enough money to buy a bite this weekend, it was PANTS!


  1. I must have missed you on Sunday, I fished Morris' with Dan on the logs. We fished all morning. Dan had a nice carp which had jumped in front of him. I had one tench and missed a good carp. After we had packed up we spent some time watch masses of carp (all under 10lb) swimming around infront of the disabled pegs. Including two very bright orange koi!
    The carp did not feed for us either...

  2. Having the same problem, would catch more fishing the drain outside my house. Fish spawning Tuesday and Wednesday in the corner by disabled swim and in front of Morris's. plenty of line bites. 3 fish from Morris's Tues but not me!!! all I could get was heavy lumps of blanket weed covered in eggs, from Log swim, all weed returned to margins.