Sunday, 30 May 2010

Getting my fix!

I love to feed my addiction to fishing with a few short sessions here and there and did just that on Thursday evening at Jubilee. I arrived at the lake at around six thirty then fed a few spots with biscuits to see if the Carp would rise, It was tough and it took a while to get a fish on the top, in one of the swims being fed I had three fish  moving between  biscuits very cautiously, they were checking every bait before either taking or rejecting, this is the sort of fishing challenge I love and hooking one would give me the buzz I needed. After watching their feeding pattern I started to put longer casts out to the back of the area being fed as the Carp seemed to be more confident at taking a snack at that range, it still took a while to get the only fish of the evening but the scrap you get on light tackle was worth the wait.
Friday was a similar short session, I had commitments for the evening with a concert at the NIA in Birmingham and Sharon fancied a picnic lunch somewhere which included a pass to bring a rod and by two o'clock we were having lunch at Jubilee, my gear was ready to go from the previous evening so there was no messing around preparing stuff before leaving. Even though the sun was out the surface chop from the wind was keeping the fish down, I found a couple of spots where the fish would take off the top but as soon as the wind caused any surface ripple they would switch off. After a few moves I settled on a spot where the biscuits would drift on the wind to a calm area just in front of an overhanging tree where they were being scoffed by a couple of fish. I ate my lunch and fed the Carp before even attempting to cast a line to them, if I got the first cast wrong they would disappear. Some careful feeding had the fish further out from the tree giving me the room to present a fly better and the second chuck had a Carp rise right beneath the fly and take without hesitation. It didn't half strip some line for such a small thing but I had it under control fairly quickly and it was soon in the net.

I'd blown this spot, on a normal session I would leave it alone for an hour or so before returning for a look but we were due to leave soon so I waited and continued to feed, a few fish moved in and out of the swim but nothing would take off the top.

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