Sunday, 23 May 2010

So close?

After another blank on Friday I was in two minds whether to bother with Ryton at all.  The Carp had spawned earlier in the week and looked as though they just wanted to chill out in the afternoon sun, they were all over the top so a couple of zigs were tried to tempt a take but it wasn't happening, I even fired out some biscuits with the hope that a few fish may become interested in taking a snack off the top but that wasn't going to happen either. 
I woke up early on Saturday and headed to the lake for a morning session and only got half way round before spotting a large muddy patch in front of Morris's, "That'll do" I thought and settled in for the morning. A pop-up was the first bait out and I instantly started to get liners which slowed the setting up of the bottom bait rod but it wasn't too long before they were both in the murky stuff primed for a take. Other than a few bleeps from fish knocking the line nothing developed and after seeing a fish crash in the area to the front of the disabled peg I swapped over to a zig and cast it in that direction. I was sorting out another zig for the second rod when a one toner screamed out from the alarm, the tip pointing in the direction of a fish on the run, by the time I'd got to the rod it must have gone through several weed beds, I pulled into the fish and felt a few kicks back before the weight of the weed took over and I reeled in a huge clump of the stuff.

When clearing the weed from the line I notice something shiny on the bend of the hook, sadly it wasn't the big common I'd have liked but a fish scale, so close!

A sight I don't like to see is dead fish and I had to remove this good sized Tench from the lake during the morning, at first I thought it was the fish with the damaged jaw but it's mouth was perfect.

Another hot one is forecast for tomorrow and I really don't know what to do, Barry didn't help things ,  he arrived as I was packing up and told me of a 17lb Carp he'd had the night before at Jubilee, He'd caught it on a fly rod which makes it really tempting as I want to up my PB fly caught Carp this year.

Hmm, what do I do?

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