Monday, 13 December 2010


I had my parents down from Anglesey for the weekend so couldn't get on the bank till Sunday afternoon.
Everywhere is still iced over so I popped down the Avon again, despite my efforts I only managed the one Chub of 3lb 10ozs but this got me thinking about next years challenge and the quickest way of working out a percentage. Now, I wasn't top of the class at maths but got the grasp of enough to get me an 'O' level and this is how I'm working it out.

Fish Record weight: (Chub) 9lb 5ozs
Record weight in ounces: 149ozs
Divide this by 100 gives you 1% of the record weight = 1.49 ounces

Today's Chub weighed 3lb 10ozs
Weight in ounces: 58ozs
Divide this by 1.49 (1% of Chub record weight)

This Chub would be 38.9% of the record weight.

I tried this formula out with a few other species on our list and it seems to work fine so I made a version in Excel ready for the new year.


  1. It also works that chub happen to be probably the easiest fish on the list to get a high percentage for as even a four and half pounder (common enough in the Upper Avon) will get you over 50% whereas you must get a two pound three ounce roach for the same score...

    I think we'll be seeing more of the former, than the latter!


  2. I think we'll all have to get personal best's to get a decent score.

  3. It all relative though, thankfully we're only competing with each other and not the likes of Mr Smith et al.