Thursday, 30 December 2010

There's always a chance - even a small one!

Sharon was back at work today (Wednesday) so I was left to my own devises. I didn't fancy plonking myself in front of the TV watching the same nothing that's been on for the past few weeks, the weather wasn't looking too bad so I prescribed myself a few hours on the bank. I didn't fancy the Avon, I want to give the place a rest ready for the first session of the new year, only a few days away, so I opted for a few hours on the Sowe. After seeing the extra water on the Avon yesterday I thought I'd see if the first corner by the bridge was free of ice and it was. I had both maggots and bread with me and alternated between them casting to various features to try and tempt a bite.

The swims down here look so promising

The only pull of the day came from a cast tight to an overhanging bush, the micro helicopter rig was flicked in as close as I could get it and just out of the main flow with three maggots squeezed onto a size sixteen hook. It had been there for about five minutes when I had a rattle on the tip which caught me by surprise so I waited a bit longer but nothing happened, when I pulled the line in to check I felt a vibration in the rod and I couldn't believe that I'd hooked something that small, a Minnow.

Greedy bugger!

I would love to find a pocket of Roach along this stretch but with all the natural angling pressure that I've witnessed so far I'm not sure that there will be any.

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