Thursday, 30 December 2010

Good old St Nick!

Thursday, Barry picked me up for a session on the Avon at St Nicholas Park,Warwick. It was a very misty start, very mild and the river level was up with plenty of colour. I went armed with both Avon rods, quiver tip and feeder on one and standard tip with a deadbait on the other, Barry was angling for a Pike with two rods. The only rod to see action all day was my feeder rod, I was using maggot and liquidised bread in the feeder and maggot on the hook and had to use a thirty gram feeder to hold station in the strong flow. 

The first fish to hang itself was a Bream with a lovely drop back bite.

This was followed by a series of 'tappy' bites from a couple of Roach.

I then had a gudgeon which I never knew was on quickly followed by a Chublet.

This was all in the first couple of hours but I did have another three Roach before we finished at three. All the deadbait rods remained 'dead' all day.

I've never fished the Avon from the St Nicholas bank before but after today I will be doing it again. I also heard a few tales of big Carp from a few passers by.

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  1. Well done rog the river isnt fishing well with the melt and salt in it .I spoke to a pike angler today who had not had a touch for 2 days.

    The carp are abundant at the park and myton rd and in the warmer months you can see alot of them patrolling the margins.The only problem is the public and the boats .