Friday, 31 December 2010

Last fish of 2010.

I said 'no chance' earlier this week but I've persevered with fishing the Sowe trying another stretch today and only a few minutes walk from the house. I entered the park alongside the river off the London road and followed the river down to the back of the Jaguar plant and the stretches I fished earlier in the week. I was shocked at the depth of the water available, next to the first footbridge there's a wheelie bin standing upright in the river with the water level only a few inches down from the lid, there's plenty of other rubbish scattered in clumps along the banks where they've been deposited by flood water, I lost count how many times I stood on plastic bottles buried in the bank side overgrowth whilst trying to sneak up on my quarry and if anyone is thinking of opening a used football shop this is the place to collect them, there's hundreds down there.

With the water starting to clear after the thaw I could just make out the bottom in some stretches but at points this just seemed to drop away into holes and I did pop a bait into most of them. I found loads of swims that are going to have to see some serious angling attention next June and I'm looking forward to doing some fish spotting along here during the close season. I did manage to find this good size Chub on my travels which came as a shock as I wasn't expecting one quite this big where I was fishing.

I'm looking forward to my traditional fishing trip tomorrow, first one of the year and see if I can get something on the board.

Happy new year everyone.

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