Monday, 17 August 2009

Carp on the Fly - Part Three

Another late afternoon session on Sunday again on the point swim. One Carp took fairly quickly but all went to pot when a small group of ducks kept taking the free offerings. I should bring some bread with me to feed the ducks off before I start.

The wind was much lighter today and I kept putting biscuits into the swim on the left of the point and I noticed a few Carp start to take but they weren't confident, they've probably seen it all before and know the routine. I thought I would give it a go, I'd either catch one or spook them with casting. I put out a long cast beyond the feeding fish with the intention of drawing back as a pattern of feeding emerged, I watched one fish to the right start to pick freebies off the edge of a group of biscuits and put a short cast onto this fish. I don't think it knew what was going on, it took the fly so confidently, as I struck the water exploded and line peeled off the reel as it tore off across the lake, I regained control and brought the Carp back towards the waiting net.

I thought the swim would have been dead after the mayhem but the fish were still slurping the freebies so I had to try again. After putting a cast out I reached for the catapult to put out a few more biccies and missed the instant take, fish on again!

It went slow after this fish, the Carp were very hesitant about taking biscuits but I got the impression that they were maybe looking for something else!!

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