Monday, 17 August 2009

Carp on the Fly - Part Two

Went back to Jubilee on Saturday, late afternoon for another evening session. The wind was a lot stronger but luckily my favourite swim for fly casting was free and sheltered from the wind, the fish also like this sheltered corner. The usual routine, bait the swim with a few biscuits and await the slurping of feeding Carp which as a rule isn't too long.

I remember someone telling me that a fly tipped with Orange was good for surface fishing for Carp so that morning I tied a couple of new deer hair flies in a hot Orange colour and thought I'd give them a go, I could always go back to my regular flies if they don't. These new flies brought a lot more interest than my usual pattern but it was probably something new they hadn't seen or there was something true about the colour Orange!!

The Orange flies worked and they took two of the four fish banked with one being a double of around 12lb.

Not big by any standards but great fun on the fly.

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