Monday, 24 August 2009

Cheap biscuits are Crap!

Saturday, back at Jubilee. Another evening session armed with just a fly rod, again things were difficult, I tried for ages to get the carp to feed on top but couldn't get them to start tucking into the baits, as usual I kept chucking out pouch fulls of biscuits hoping to get the carp to start feeding it suddenly hit me, where are the biscuits, at first i thought they were just hard to see because of the surface ripple but I could only see one or two which the Carp were beginning to tuck into.
Earlier in the day I went to my local supermarket to purchase another bag of Chum mixers but they were out of stock, now I always use Pedigree Chum mixers and always have done, normally I have an extra bag at home but on this occasion I'd used it and not replaced it. I thought I'd try the supermarkets own generic brand of mixers as an alternative until I could get some Pedigree. Something you can't do in the local super market is see if they float, these didn't!!
Luckily for me, my bucket wasn't entirely full of these inferior brand of biscuits, there were some 'chums' in there so I had to sort through and pick them out prior to feeding.
I didn't blank as I thought I would at one point, I managed to tempt a Carp of 12lb 12oz's with the few offerings I had.

Don't buy cheap mixers, their crap!!

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