Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Propper biscuits work!

Sunday, after a trip to an alternative supplier of Pedigree Chum Mixers where I restocked with their last two bags, I headed off to Jubilee. A match finished on the back pool at 2pm so I headed in that direction to secure a peg. I needn't have bothered rushing as the pool remained almost deserted for the rest of the afternoon/evening, except for a two or three other anglers I had the choice of swims to fish, bearing in mind that not all the swims are fishable with a fly rod, I had five to play with. I did talk to one angler packing up after the match it sounded as though catch rates had been fairly low in the earlier part of the day and it did take a while for me to get the Carp to start feeding on top but they did eventually and this time I could see the biscuits.
It took a while to catch the first fish but there seems to be a magic part of the day when the light or something must be just right and the fly looks safe to the fish, shortly after, I had a second Carp on the bank from the same swim, things went quiet on that peg so a quick move to one of the other swims on the other side of the point soon saw fish number three on the bank, excellent. This swim went quiet so I moved back across the point to another swim and fish four soon saw the back of the net.

None of these fish were of any size but they fight like stink on fly tackle.

It's a lovely way to present a bait to a group of feeding fish, hardly any noise or disturbance to spook them, that is until one slips up!!

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