Monday, 24 August 2009

Rudd - On the fly!

Friday 21st, Fly fishing for Carp at Jubilee. Things were very slow with the Carp, they were on top but not interested in feeding, there were some fish topping next to an overhanging tree to the left of the swim I was fishing so I thought I'd have a go at catching whatever they were. I put a normal dry fly on, don't ask me what it is but it does resemble a small daddy long legs but I couldn't put a name to it. This was cast towards the front of the tree and was taken almost straight away, Rudd.
I caught three in fairly quick succession and they are the first Rudd I've caught using a fly, result!

Whilst catching the Rudd I kept catapulting out a few pouches of biscuits to try and tempt the Carp into feeding, I've noticed that as soon as one starts, they all do, it's probably the competition for food or something like that, anyway, they were on the top and now feeding. A small Carp of around 8lb was the first on the bank but it spooked everything off after taking a tour of the swim after being hooked. The Carp were now being very cautious and stayed just out of Casting range waiting for the free offerings to drift their way on the wind. A constant scattering of a few treats would eventually tempt them back within range. It's great to see a cluster of biscuits slowly disappear one by one your fly being next in line, the cork gets gripped tighter, line grasped firmer waiting to strike, the water below the fly changes colour a split second before a Carp emerges and slurps down the fly, strike, Then all hell breaks loose. this is exactly what happened with my only other fish of the evening, it was a much heavier fight than usual and after netting I had to give it a number, it pulled the scales to 13lb 4oz's.

Not big by Jubilee standards but great fun on the fly.

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