Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Friday, after work.

Friday, after finishing work at one, I cycled up to Jubilee to fly fish the horseshoe pool. Travelling light with just a fly rod and tackle I found a shoal of Rudd under a willow in a corner sheltered from the wind, a few Carp were also mooching around the area so first cast had to be here, I'd not fished with the fly from this swim before and it did look a bit tight for the back cast but not impossible. First chuck was a small fly I'd used over the previous few weeks for Rudd and after a few casts with plenty of interest from the Rudd I managed to fool one into taking the fly. After returning, the shoal of Rudd disappeared from this swim to the other side of the willow, casting to them from the next swim was impossible so I turned my attention to the Carp.
After plenty of feeding I got the Carp to start taking off the top just before a heavy shower of rain hit, I thought this may have put them off feeding but they continued to feed through the heavy shower as long as I fed them biscuits, a rumble of thunder kept me from fishing for them for around twenty minutes, after the rain eased a biscuit fly was soon on the spot and it wasn't long before it was slurped down by a small Carp. This spooked the Carp from the area, a move was made to keep in touch with the fish, I found a few off the point swim that were willing to feed but the wind carried everything towards the far side of the lake including the feeding Carp so a constant drizzle of just a few biscuits was required to keep the fish within casting range.

I had two more fish through the evening including one of around 10lb.

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