Friday, 4 September 2009

Just a quick one!

Cycled to Jubilee for a few hours on the fly. The very gusty west, north westerly wind meant I could fish a peg I fished successfully last Friday, it's usually a no go when the wind is blowing into that corner. The fish were visible on top and a scattering of a few biscuits encouraged them to start feeding, I kept feeding whilst setting up and soon had a fake biccie in amongst the real ones. After a few missed takes I had a fish on, it felt good but I was using a different rod to usual, a foot longer to make casting easier, It really pulled when I got it into the margins but eventually surrendered and slipped into the net. It was very lively on the bank and I did get a slap for my efforts but it soon behaved itself when it saw the camera.

Nice Mirror, 13lb 4oz.

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