Saturday, 12 September 2009

Friday, a tough one!

The tough decision was whether to start my autumn campaign after the Carp at Ryton or to have another session at Jubilee on the fly, it was very warm, sunny, hardly a cloud in the sky perfect for surface fishing, Jubilee won!
I tried baiting a couple of spots on the main lake but can't get the fish to start feeding on top there so the back lake it was, a swim I'd hoped to fish was occupied but as there was hardly any wind swim choice was not an issue, a swim on the point that I'd fancied for a while was free and there was no head wind to try and cast into so I began my session here. A short while later another swim on the south of the point became vacant and I moved quickly, this swim is a bit special as I caught my first ever Carp on a fly from this swim, three years ago, I caught five that day.
It wasn't long before I got my first fish of the afternoon and a second and third followed fairly quickly.

The ducks were becoming a nuisance so I swapped swims to the point, I'd already put a few biscuits in this spot and one fish was picking them off slowly, one at a time. This looked like a challenge, as the fish was approaching the bait it was pausing for a second before taking or rejecting it, I had to catch this fish. My most 'biscuit' looking fly was out of the box and next in line to be inspected and was rejected loads of times but a quick flick of the rod and it was back out, next in line. This cautious fish eventually accepted my fly and took it, I struck but was quit disappointed by the lack of fight, it came straight in to the net and when I saw it I felt really sorry for it. The poor thing was small, had a deformed spine and a small head.

But liked biscuits!

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