Friday, 11 September 2009

Sunday afternoon

Another quick session arriving just as the match was finishing on the main lake and people are packing up, I tried baiting a couple of spots on the main lake as I've yet to catch a Carp off the surface, on a fly, on this lake. A few fish were showing but out towards the island, way to far for a cast on fly tackle, sometimes I wander whether or not I've shot myself in the foot when I only bring one rod, so many missed chances! I ended up on the back lake searching for a free swim, because of the match everyone else was on this lake, it was rammed! I tried one swim which was very tight for a back cast and did get some fish feeding in front of me but after an hour of catching bushes behind me, I was getting a little peeved.
A few people around the lake started to pack up and a swim near to mine became vacant so I moved, this swim was much better for a back cast and I could capitalise on the fact that the angler who was in this swim was also surface fishing so had already got the fish feeding on top, cheers mate!
Ducks! Why are we not allowed to get rid of them with a shot gun? They are such a pain hoovering up all the biscuits, I had to feed them off so used half of my bait to do so, I always carry plenty with me in case I have to do this. Once they'd cleared off to have a sleep I rebaited the swim ready for a Carp or two

and it wasn't long before two Carp had thier mug shots taken!

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