Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New PB Carp on the fly!

Saturday afternoon/evening, very slow, I think I did two complete circuits of the lake before finding some fish willing to feed on top. I fed biscuits but they stayed just out of range to avoid being caught out by a fake treat. I kept chucking in the biscuits but shortened the throw to try and tempt them closer, it started to work. I still struggled to get a take with loads of aborts and misses and tried several different coloured flies to try and tempt a more confident 'slurp' at my fly.
All this eventually worked and I had one fish slowly sucking in the treats within casting range, fly fishing is it's quiet, you can have several casts at a fish before they are spooked and that's usually only when they feel your line or suss out the fake one, I also like to see the fly and fix on it's position ready for a take so it sometimes takes a couple of casts to get the fly on the spot, this fish was sucking down the treats one at a time on this spot and my fake one was next.
I had a 'thump' transfer up the line as the fish took and the strike was into a Carp that felt heavy. Several runs to the backing later and after a lot of heavy plodding around in the margins I slipped the net under a very pretty looking mirror Carp.

The only fish of the day pulled the scales round to 15lb 12oz's
a new PB with a fly rod.

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