Sunday, 13 September 2009

One from the Island Lake

At last a Carp on the fly from the island lake at Jubilee, it's a shame it wasn't the fish I first saw. The sun had a good bit of heat to it for September and I found a couple of Carp sheltering in a shadow of a tree. I threw some biscuits to them and they cautiously took a couple, that was enough for me and I set up my gear for a short session on the main island lake. The same two Carp kept drifting into the swim , sucking up a few treats and swimming off for a few minutes before returning, this gave me time to chuck out some more biscuits and reposition the fly, no long casts here, this was almost under the rod tip. One of the Carp was BIG, it's mouth was huge and could have swallowed ten biscuits at once, no problem. I'm not sure what I would have done if I'd hooked it, instead, just as I reached down for a couple of extra baits this little mirror swam in and hoovered up my fly when I wasn't looking, all I heard was a slurp and saw my line pull away beneath the surface, I thought for a second that it was the big one until I saw it.

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