Saturday, 19 June 2010

Better than watching England!

The forecast was to be sunny intervals for the evening so despite the rain which wasn't that heavy, I got the fly gear ready for a short session at Jubilee. Kick off was about an hour after I arrived at the lake and the place was already deserted and I think the fish knew it, there were Carp crashing everywhere as if in celebration.
It took a while to find some fish willing to feed off the top in the fine rain but a constant stream of snacks got the better of a couple of them and they started to confidently slurp them down. For some reason, don't know why, a black coloured biscuit fly stood out in the box as if screaming at me to use it, so I put it on and whipped it out amongst the few free offerings that where left and it was taken straight away. It was only a small common which hardly fought at all that is until I got it to the net, as soon as it realised it was in a mesh cage it went nuts, I waited for a few moments for it to calm down before moving to the mat.
The imitation biscuit was taken with such confidence, I had to use forceps to extract the fly from the back of it's throat and it's not often you get them hooked so deep.

  I tried to take a quick shot for the blog,

like an England goal keeper, it was a lively one to get hold of

but I got an acceptable image in the end.

A few more fish had moved into the swim so I fed a couple of pouches of free snacks to keep them happy and sorted myself out before recasting. The black fly was working well and I soon had a second Carp on, normally the tip is bent right round and I struggle with these smaller fish but again it came in without a problem, I let the little mirror have a thrash around in the net before lifting it out for a quick portrait. It had a very strange narrow mouth, almost like a beak.

All went quiet after this fish, I lost one very lively Carp which was exciting for the brief moment I had it on, it took a fair amount of line before it threw the hook which was a shame as it felt like a better fish. The sky started to clear at around eight thirty but I'd had my fix and left happy.

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  1. Well done mate, I'd rather go fishing than watching England too!.