Tuesday, 1 June 2010

No contest!

After a walk around Ryton I took the fly rod over to Jubilee for an afternoon/evening session. I did fairly well at the first swim bagging three fish fairly quickly, not monsters but great fun.

My favourite tight swim proved itself once again and I hooked this nice mirror within a couple of casts.

I then moved to the swim next door and got some fish up feeding on top including one very good fish which I fancied getting a closer look at but it proved difficult to track. Normally, they have a set route that they follow around the swim and a pattern will shortly become apparent which allows a bait to be positioned before a fish arrives to pick off a few more snacks. A few smaller Carp were milling around but I was trying to get the big one and lifted the fly away from these on a couple of takes but was too slow for this one.

I continued to feed the swim and the bigger fish was still around picking a few biscuits off here and there, I then had a group of around ten ducklings move through my swim polishing off all the biscuits they could find and they stuck around for quite a while, the Carp didn't have a chance, nor did I, no contest!

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