Sunday, 20 June 2010

Field of green.

Picked up my new polarised prescription sunglasses on Saturday and was itching to give them a try, I wasn't going to be fishing so I just popped to Ryton to have a look around and try them out, their so much better than the old clip-on's. 
I found Barry on peg one trying for a fish or two after witnessing Keith's bag of Rudd earlier in the week but he'd only just arrived and hadn't caught anything yet. The Carp were having a good scoff and stirring up the mud on a couple of spots but with the all the weed around you would need to have a bucket load of luck with you to see one on the bank, however, there are a couple of margin spots that look promising for a spot of hit and hold carpy action!

The swan family have moved in at Morris's, I don't think this swim will see an angler till the autumn when the weed has died back, the only problem, it'll be knee deep in Swan shit by then!

I don't fancy trying to get a Carp out of this.

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