Monday, 28 June 2010

Two quick sessions.

I fished last Wednesday evening after the football and again had the horseshoe lake at Jubilee to myself, I fancied a swim with a challenge and went over to a difficult corner to fish with the fly. There's no room for a back cast and only a roll cast will get the fly out to the fish I also found that if you spook fish here they won't come back for ages. I put a couple of casts out to get the range then fed a few biscuits, there were already a couple of fish in the margins to my left and I was hoping that the 'plopping' sound of the biscuits landing on the surface would attract some interest. A few minutes passed and one fish started milling around the swim picking off a few biscuits here and there, a few more biscuits went out together with a fresh cast right in amongst them, the second biscuit taken was my fly, I struck and felt a good weight, then a kick and a slack line as a Carp threw the hook.
I tried a few more swims to get the Carp up but they weren't having it but I did see loads of small Rudd so changed over to a more traditional fly pattern, or as close to what was flying around that I had in my box and had a go for them. Even though casting with a fly is quiet, it's still noisy when approaching small species and every cast just scattered the fish as the line landed on the surface. I found that if I waited a while before drawing the fly back then the fish would settle down and start to chase.It took ages to find the correct speed and pattern of retrieve to get a take but I got one in the end.

A few more casts and I had a small Perch on the bank.

Friday evening and another quick session, it was very warm and the fish were everywhere on the top but I was only to get the one on the mat. I set up and soon had a couple of Carp interested in the snacks I was flicking out to them, one of them was a very nice looking ghostie and I fancied having a closer look at this fish. It only took a couple of casts and up it came and took my fly. It was a lovely fish, deep in the body with very big eyes.

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