Sunday, 13 June 2010

Odd's and Sod's

Nothing new to blog about, I've been to Jubilee a few times for the odd short session here and there, no big fish but plenty of the smaller one's that haven't wised up to the fake biscuits yet. I've had several frustrating 'hair pulling out' moments with good fish sneaking right up to the fly only to nose it and turn away at the last minute forcing me to quickly reposition the fly and try again, I've been doing a lot of recasting. I've found a couple of new pegs that allow me to do my version of a roll cast to get the bait out to the feeding fish.

The ducks have been little sod's.

I've visited Ryton several times fulfilling my duties as bailiff, you get to learn quite a lot from the guys that are braving the weed to wet a line. There's still a few Carp coming out despite all of the weed and plenty of Tench and Perch to float fished maggot and worm. I witnessed one of the club's Polish members catch a couple of good Perch last weekend, he was spinning with a very small rubber lure and the Perch were queuing up to grab hold on it's way passed, the rest of the shoal were then following the hooked fish almost to the bank. Makes me want to buy some maggots and take my pole up there for a spot of Perch fishing!

I have had a project on the go ready for my first holiday to Devon in a few weeks time, the beach rest I used last year was a bit unsteady at times so I've rebuilt a new lighter weight rod rest ready for this year. It appears to be much more stable and well up to the job, I just hope it doesn't fall apart on the first trip.

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